Alumni & Development

Hastings Catholic Schools Office of Advancement

"Helping to Provide a Quality Education in a Catholic Environment Through Planned Giving"


604 N. St. Joseph Ave., Hastings, NE 68901
Phone: (402) 462-6566 Fax: (402) 462-6567



The Hastings Catholic Schools Office of Advancement was founded on November 1, 1998. Its primary mission is to encourage institutional advancement through Planned Giving; specifically, through the St. Cecilia High School Endowment and the Hastings Catholic Schools Trust (Stonazek). Its secondary purpose is to help ensure the adequate funding for St. Cecilia's Church and St. Michael's Church.

Governed by a Board of 15-17 persons at all times who donate their efforts for this institution, their professions range from business to clergy, insurance and accounting professionals, to attorneys and financial planning advisors. These people offer input and direction on a regular basis to the Director of the HCS Office of Advancement.

The mere fact that the City of Hastings still has a Catholic school should be a source of pride. Indeed, this accomplishment is a compliment to the entire community, Catholic and non-Catholic alike.

Though scattered throughout the world, our Alumni have likewise played a very important role in this ongoing struggle. Likewise, our non-Catholic friends have given of their time, talents, and treasures to further the cause of Christian education. These personal commitments have played a key role in the continuation of our presence and well-being.