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Welcome to our new Family Participation Plan (FPP). We are so excited to bring our Hastings Catholic Schools community together and get involved to support our children, our teachers, the staff, and our school! Click the link below to be directed to our Hastings Catholic Schools signup page:

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Contact Hauli Sabatka, Executive Director for Advancement, at (402) 462-6566 or email if you have questions or need assistance with the signup process.

The Details:

The majority of the school fundraising events have been uploaded to our volunteer software program SignUpGenius for families to sign up. For the academic school year, each family is responsible for a minimum of four (4) shifts and at least one (1) needs to be a bazaar or chicken noodle dinner shift and one (1) needs to be a concession stand, gate, or fairgrounds shift. You and your family are not limited to four shifts; you are encouraged to be active in as many events as you would like.

These four (4) shifts must be completed between August 17 (first day of school) and April 30, 2018. On May 7, 2018, our summer schedule will be uploaded and we will ask families to cover one (1) shift on our summer schedule between June 1 and the last week of August. These school fundraising opportunities generate funds that go directly into the Hastings Catholic Schools annual budget. Without these fundraising opportunities, the tuition rates would need to be increased by approximately $750 per student.

Student Participation:
St. Cecilia High School students will also be participating in the Family Participation Plan. Each high school class is assigned a number of games that they will provide class members to assist with concessions alongside the adult volunteers. The STC Student Council and Class Representatives will be responsible for working with their respective class to fill their assignments. Parents of these student will be notified when their child signs up.

When selecting times, please be conscience of your student(s) activities as well. We want everyone to have the opportunity to watch their child participate. Families will have until Monday, September 11, 2017 to sign up for their shifts online. On Wednesday, September 13, the school administration will start contacting families who have not signed up to work together to find them shifts that fit their schedule. Families are required to cover their shifts. For the summer schedule, families will have until Wednesday, June 6 to sign up for their shifts online. On Thursday, June 7, the school will start contacting families to schedule their shift.

If you are unable to cover your shift, YOU are responsible for finding a replacement. You can swap your shift on SignUpGenius with your replacement. After arranging your replacement, please contact the Advancement Office at (402) 462-6566 or with this information. They will update the Master Schedule.

Automatic Reminders:
SignUpGenius will email reminders to those volunteers listed for the upcoming activities and the school will make reminder calls, emails, and text messages. Many families will be asked to assist at additional activities throughout the year. We ask that you prayerfully continue to assist the school with these activities whenever possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I/we have to set up a SignUpGenius account to participate?

No, you can just sign up for the activities you would like to help HCS with and press submit. If you want to be a SignUpGenius pro, you can make an account and spend hours on this great site! We are all busy, we vote for the simple sign up with no password!

I am not sure if I am at the right spot on SignUpGenius?

The page should have Hastings Catholic Schools listed on the top left. It should be filled with multiple HCS event boxes (like Concessions, Gate, B.L.U.E., Fairgrounds, etc) with pictures of each event. If you do not get directed to this page, please close out of the program and try the link again or try in another browser if you have one. If it is still not working, grab a snack, go back to the computer and try again. (NOTE: You need to see Hastings Catholic Schools in the top corner to be in the right place. If you just see information about SignUpGenius from their homepage, you need to try the link again. Grab a snack first!)

I signed up for a shift and now I have a conflict. What do I do since I can't make my shift?

We totally understand! We anticipate that this will happen with scheduling. If the shift is more than two weeks away, go back to the area that you signed up for (for example, the Concessions event box.) At the top you will see Already signed up? You can change your sign up. Click this link and you can change. We do ask that you limit these changes, especially as the shift draws near. If it is within two weeks of your shift, we ask that you try to find your own adult substitute for your shift. We would love for you to let us know about the substitute change especially if it is within two weeks of your scheduled shift. Please let us know at (402) 462-6566 or We don't want to miss any changes and will do our best to work with you.

What if all the slots are filled?

Hold on - we need to do a few cartwheels! Yippee! Did you really say all the slots are filled? In all seriousness, if all the slots are full, we ask that you contact us and we will work with you on finding an area that may still need additional help. We will work with you to make it happen! Please contact us at (402) 462-6566 or

What happens if I don't sign up for my shifts by Monday, September 11?

We would love for everyone to sign up for their minimum of four (academic year) shifts by the end of the day on Monday, September 11. On Wednesday, September 13, the school administration will start contacting families who have not signed up to work together to find them shifts that fit their schedule. Families are required to cover their shifts. If needed, shifts will be assigned and we will notify you of those shifts. If there are serious concerns or conflicts, please don't stress. Please contact us at (402) 462-6566 or and we will help.

I spend a lot of time volunteering for things not listed as an option on this site. Can all those hours count?

Thank you for all the time, talents, and treasures you give HCS! We could not survive without you and others like you. Honestly, we had to start somewhere. If the area in which you volunteer is not listed, we ask that you contact us. We will work with you to get this added or make sure these hours are tracked. Our committee anticipates areas that are forgotten, and we understand this new program will take some time to work out all the details. Contact us at the HCS Advancement Office at (402) 462-6566 or and we will work with you. Some hours will not be counted toward your four (academic year) shifts (for example, Band Boosters, since their hours produce money towards their student's band account.) Only the School Fundraising and School Hosted Activity Opportunities from the Family Participation Plan currently count towards the required four shifts in the academic year and the one summer shift.

If my husband and I both work the same shift, does that count for one or two shifts?

If you and your husband signed up for different slots for the same event, that counts for two shifts of the family minimum of four shifts in the academic year and one summer shift. However, you had a great time, right? It's almost like an HCS date night? Almost? Are you sure you don't want to sign up again together next month? We would love that!

Why are the STC High School students working concessions this year?

Taking the lead from the peer schools we researched, we were the only school not using our High School students in our concession stand. We are working with the Student Council and Class Officers to have at least two (2) STC High School students at each of our concession events. We have even assigned the Middle School students a few of the busy varsity games to give the High School students a break. We are putting the responsibility on the Student Council and Class Officers to organize their class assignments with their sponsor. Don't worry - if your child signs up, you will be notified as the parent of their responsibility.

If my student volunteers, does that count toward our family minimum of four shifts?

We are only counting the shifts that an ADULT works towards your family minimum shifts (four for the academic year, one for summer). This may eventually change though. However, the hours that your student works will count toward the volunteer hours of service-learning our STC students are required to have.

Last year I worked at least 10 concession events myself. Does my family really only have to do a minimum of four shifts this academic year?

Thank you for your dedication to HCS. You are exactly why we felt the need to research our peer schools in order to develop this Family Participation Plan. No family should have to do all the work. We would love for your family to select more than four shifts during the academic year or more than one shift this summer, and honestly, we may need some families to still do ten. But if we all work together, we should be able to make this a fun and manageable way to participate together as a school community. If you would like to do more, please sign up or contact us and we will let you know the areas that need the most help!

Who do I contact with questions?

Call Hauli or Jackie at the HCS Advancement Office at (402) 462-6566 or You can also stop by our office at 420 West 5th Street, at the top of the metal ramp. (Right behind STC School and next to the little yellow house.) We usually have a full candy bowl and coffee - stop in!

I don't have access to a computer or email. What do I do?

Call us at (402) 462-6566 or stop in the HCS Advancement Office at 420 West 5th Street, at the top of the metal ramp. (Right behind STC School and next to the little yellow house.) We are willing to work with families one-on-one to make this work in their schedules. You can also talk with Mrs. Rasmussen or Mrs. VanCura, principals at STM and STC, about this process.

Honestly, this gets me a little upset. I pay tuition. Why do we need to sign up for a minimum number of shifts?

We understand. In fact we discussed this exact topic many times in our meetings. Our detailed research outlines that the 2018-2019 cost per student will be $7,444 with an average family payment of $2,046 per child. The St. Cecilia and St. Michael Parishes contribute $3,384 per child, HCS Annual Appeal fundraising drive contributes $970 per child, HCS Endowment contributions of $510 per child, and finally these special events (that we are in need of shift help for) contribute $750 per child. We need help as a HCS community to support these events. We researched many of our peer schools and found that they have been doing this for years within their school communities. For years, we have been working with many parent volunteers to fill these shifts, but we needed a plan to get everyone involved. To grow, we needed to take a step in this direction in order to provide the best education for our children without having tuition raise significantly. Contact us - we would love to talk and hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can move forward together!

Will there be someone to show me what to do when I arrive to volunteer for my shift?

Yes, each shift will have a LEAD or CHAIR or someone who will be there to show/train all volunteers on what they need to do.

I want to get more involved! How do I become a LEAD or CHAIR?

We love you! Seriously, we do! We have all heard the African Proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child." We agree - it takes us all working together to raise ALL our children in God's eyes. We are in need of time, talents, and treasures on all levels. We would love to talk to you about what area you are excited about and help you become LEAD/CHAIR and use your time and talents for our children to grow. Thank you!

Do STM elementary families need to sign up or just STC high school families?

Yes, we are asking all STM and all STC families to sign up for a minimum of four (4) shifts for the academic year and one (1) shift for the summer. We are all ONE community of Hastings Catholic Schools. In order to grow together, we must work together. Pope Francis said, "Dear brothers and sisters, the Church LOVES you! Be an active presence in the community, as living cells, as living stones." We are one Hastings Catholic Schools community working together to grow our children in HIS grace.

How can I get a sign up form made for the school project I need volunteers for?

Great idea! Contact the Advancement Office and we can help!

This is all so overwhelming! I don't understand. Can someone help me?

We have coffee! We can help! Call, email, or stop in at the HCS Advancement Office at (402) 462-6566 or, 420 West 5th Street, at the top of the metal ramp. (Right behind STC School and next to the little yellow house.)