Saturday, October 19, 2019  |  St. Cecilia Middle & High School

Sponsored by Hastings Catholic Activities Association (HCAA)

BRACKETS: Round Robin Pool Play, Gold/Silver bracket in Tourney. 8 teams per age group. Morning and afternoon session.

PLAYERS: Players must compete in their own grade classification. Exception, younger players may play up. Players can only play on one team per grade and cannot play down. Violations of this may render a player, and/or team ineligible.

ENTRANCE FEES: Registration fee per team is $125 for 10 players, each additional player is $10. $125 includes entry for two coaches. Each team must pay with one check payable to Hastings Catholic Activities Association (HCAA). A $50.00 fee will be retained if the tournament is cancelled due to weather or team cancellation.

ENTRY DEADLINE: Deadline to enter is October 11, 2019, (or sooner if tourney fills). We must have your payment and registration in order to reserve your spot in the tournament.

AWARDS: To the top team in Gold bracket and Silver bracket.


Pool Play 2 games to 25 starting at 7 or 25 minutes (win by 2 and cap of 27).
Tournament, best 2 out of 3, seeding according

to pool play record and points.
5 minute warm up: 2 minutes full court-serving team,

2 minutes full court-receiving team,
1 minute serve.
Serving team gets court first.
Volley-Lite volleyball for 5th/6th age groups.
5th/6h grades can only serve five in a row.
Shortened serving line for 5th/6th -serve (5 ft from back line).
Each team supplies their own balls, and 2 score table helpers.
1 time out per set (no time outs last 2 minutes of game)
1 official and 1 scorekeeper supplied.
All other rules apply.

NOTIFICATION: You will be notified via e-mail when we receive your registration.  Brackets will be sent via e-mail Wednesday before the tournament.

NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK! Full concessions

will be available during all games.

Breakfast through Dinner. Hospitality tickets provided for 2 registered coaches to redeem at the concession stand.

SPECTATOR ADMISSION:  $4 Adults/$2 for K-12

Register ONLINE here


Download the printable registration packet (PDF)


Scottie Heil - scottienicole@gmail.com

Cheryl Schneider - caschneider.cheryl@gmail.com