Diocesan Governance of Hastings Catholic Schools


The Catholic Diocese of Lincoln has established a school system in order to fulfill, in part, the mandate of Christ to teach the Gospel to the whole world (Matthew 28:18-20). Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lincoln help to form students in Christ by means of teaching doctrine, celebrating Liturgy and prayer, building community in Christ, and fostering Christ-like service, in order to assist parents in their duty as the primary educators of the whole child.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Catholic School System of the Diocese of Lincoln is to form students spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically, in partnership with parents, and in harmony with the specific gifts given by God to each student. In order to fulfill this mission, these schools are committed to integrating the best programs and means of education with Catholic faith and moral values.


The Goals of Diocesan Education are:

  1. To offer instruction in Catholic doctrine and morals.
  2. To provide an environment supportive of religious values.
  3. To form students in the practice of prayer.
  4. To form students in the practice of virtue.
  5. To provide opportunities to participate in the Church's Liturgy and devotions.
  6. To foster the practice of spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
  7. To form structures and programs that unite parents, school, and Church in the work of Catholic education.
  8. To impart knowledge and skills, develop understanding, and cultivate appreciation for the basic academic subjects.
  9. To help students learn to think logically, critically, and wisely.
  10. To promote character development, personal integrity, self-reliance, responsibility, perception of beauty, wholesome use of leisure, sound social attitudes and habits, and good physical and mental health.
  11. To lead students to hear and respond to God's call to holiness, a particular state in life, apostolic action, and heaven.


The Diocesan Bishop is the head of the diocesan schools and is ultimately responsible for the Catholic education provided therein in accordance with Canon Law. The Bishop usually exercises his authority through the ordinary means of hiring/appointing the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools and Diocesan Director of the Office of Religious Education, and having them represent him in most instances.

All aspects of the school day and year come under the purview of the Diocesan Superintendent of Schools. This includes the policies, instructional program, state accreditation or approval of schools, teacher certification, student admissions, health and safety, and other statutory requirements. The Diocesan Superintendent of Schools works collaboratively with diocesan commissions, organizations, pastors, principals, and others for the advancement of Catholic education. He is the principal, authoritative spokesman for, and on behalf of, the Diocesan Catholic schools. As such, the Superintendent represents and communicates the vision of the diocesan schools to the wider education and civic community within and outside the Church.

(Above information is found in the Diocese of Lincoln School Policy Handbook.)

Current diocesan governance for Hastings Catholic Schools includes the following corporate officers:

President: James D. Conely
Secretary: Timothy J. Thorburn
Treasurer: Thomas S. Brouillette
Director: John J. Perkinton
Director: Daniel J. Rayer
Director: Mark D. Huber

Local Governance of Hastings Catholic Schools

Hastings Catholic Schools is governed by its Chief Administrative Officer, the St. Michael's pastor, the St. Cecilia's pastor, and the HCS Unity Board. The Unity Board is defined as the joint leadership team consisting of representatives from the school community and the clergy to whom administration of the school system has been entrusted by the Diocese of Lincoln.

The general purpose of the Unity Board shall be to:

  1. Study and investigate issues relevant to the operation of Hastings Catholic Schools, including, but not limited to, finances and enrollment.
  2. Assist the Chief Administrative Officer in his duties by providing advice and serving as a sounding board.
  3. Serve as a conduit of communication between the school administration and the school community.

Furthermore, the general purpose of the Unity Board shall be to act as an energetic and dynamic leadership group to advance the vision of the Hastings Catholic School system and to advise and assist the Chief Administrative Officer in his duties as the delegate of the Ordinary of the Diocese of Lincoln and administrator of the schools, by designing, authoring, and approving policies that will be recommended to be used to guide and shape the operations of Hastings Catholic Schools.

The following are the Board Members for the current term:

  • Chairperson: Richard Clark
  • Vice-Chairperson: Michael Schaefer
  • Matt Mangers
  • Logan Pritchard
  • Scott Schneider
  • Mark Jacobi
  • Jalaene Choquette
  • Karess Mailander
  • Fr. Hazuka
  • Fr. Kubat
  • Fr. Brouillette
  • Fr. Rowan
  • Carrie Rasmussen
  • John Zach
  • Julie Blazer
  • Hauli Sabatka