Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Hastings Catholic Schools is beginning our strategic planning process and we are in need of your help and feedback.  Please take a moment to complete the nine question online survey (link provided below).  Your help in setting the direction and vision of our future is very much appreciated.

Click here to take the survey

Downloadable Materials:

Implementation Team Application

Open Forum 1 Handout

PILLAR Kick Off Meeting Invite - March 11

Meeting Dates:

Strategic Plan & Implementation Team Meeting Dates:

Wednesday, February 19                       7PM – Open Forum to Announce Strategic Plan

Wednesday, March 4                               7PM - 1st Strategic Plan Leadership Meeting (NOTE DATE CHANGE)

Wednesday, March 11                             7PM - 2nd Strategic Planning Meeting - PILLAR TEAM KICK OFF MEETING

Wednesday, March 25                             7PM – 3th Strategic Planning Meeting –Pillar Teams

Wednesday, April 1                                   7PM – 4th Strategic Planning Meeting & Open Forum Meeting - 8PM

Wednesday, April 15                                 7PM –Implementation Team Overview Meeting

Wednesday, April 29                                 7PM – 5th Strategic Planning Meeting –Pillar Teams

Monday, May 4                                            First Draft Due – No Meeting

Thursday, May 7                                         7PM – 6th Strategic Planning Team Meeting & Open Forum - 8pm

Friday, May 8                                                Final Draft Due – No Meeting

Monday, May 11                                         7PM – Final Strategic Planning & Implementation Team Meeting

Monday, May 13                                         7PM – Final Open Forum & Strategic Plan Launch