Graduation Requirements

Students are required to successfully complete 245 credit hours of course work prior to graduation. Included in those 245 hours must be the following required classes:

  • 4 years of Theology and English
  • 3 years of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences
  • 2 years of World Language
  • 2 years of Fine Arts and Career Education
  • 1 semester each of Health, Speech, PE, and Information Technology Applications I

In keeping with the mission of Hastings Catholic Schools, high school students are required to volunteer a minimum of 75 hours of service to the school or community as a requirement for graduation.

All St. Cecilia students must be enrolled in at least seven classes each semester. Academic credit for courses is based on the number of times a given course meets per week (five class periods per week equals five credit hours per semester).

Students in grade 9-12 who fail required courses must retake those courses for the semester or semesters failed. Students may be required to retake the entire year.