Dear Parents,

Thank you for considering Hastings Catholic Schools for the education of your children. Jesus said to the apostles, "Let the little children come to me." These words of The Master Teacher and Savior propel us in the mission of the Catholic Church to assist parents in their responsibility as primary educators in the ways of faith. For 100 years the bishops and priests, accompanied by the unequaled sacrifices of the religious sisters and the lay faithful men and women of our parishes of St. Cecilia and St. Michael have met the mission and challenge of Christ to play a part in bringing thousands of children to Christ, our Light.

You have no greater gift from God than that of your child. You have no greater privilege and responsibility than to raise this child that God has entrusted to you to be a disciple of Christ. As Jesus offered himself in sacrificial love on the cross, and as you offer your life in sacrificial love to your child, so it is your hope that your child may one day do the same and gain the reward of eternal life.

Thank you for opening your heart to Christ Jesus as you offer your child the gift of Catholic education where students encounter Christ, grow in knowledge, and become Christian witnesses of the truth of the Gospel. You are going to love our school system, with its 443 students K-12 and 228 families, small teacher to student ratio, and our cooperative approach to education as we work hand in hand with families to bring the work God has begun to successful completion.

We want all families to become part of our tradition of Catholic education. It is the good people of our school community that make us strong.

God's blessing and presence in your decision,

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Tom Brouillette
Chief Administrative Officer