About Us

Hastings Catholic Schools is a school community where students encounter Christ, grow in knowledge, and become Christian witnesses.

This mission is achieved by promoting excellence in education, spirituality, academics, and extracurricular activities -- for the whole person, thereby nourishing the gifts uniquely given to each by God. The mission will be fulfilled through engagement and participation of the whole faith community.


  1. We believe that every student bears within himself/herself the image of God the Creator, and, therefore, that every student has a mind capable of knowing the truth, a will capable of choosing the good, and a body capable of glorifying God.
  2. We believe that we are bound to help students grow more fully into the image of God by providing them a good Catholic formation of mind, will, and body.
  3. We believe that excellent instruction in both religious and secular sciences will contribute to students' knowing the truth.
  4. We believe that teaching, modeling, and demanding good moral action from our students will help them to grow in virtue so that they will choose the good consistently and easily.
  5. We believe that training students in divine worship; musical, theatrical, and other artistic performance; and athletics will help them to glorify God in their bodies.
  6. We believe that forming students' mind, wills, and bodies according to the image of God in them will help them to discern and live their vocations in ways that help others and advance the Kingdom of God in the world.