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As we work toward reaching our fundraising goal by May 2024, we have some exciting news to share! As a way to show his support of this campaign, Tom Dinsdale of Dinsdale Automotive is hosting a special event geared towards bringing new excitement and urgency to STC alumni donors to help us complete this campaign. With this, we officially kick-off the Dinsdale Alumni Mile to $1M Drive. For every $1,000 donation or pledge (current or new) a STC alumnus makes, their name will be entered into the drawing to win a 2023 Cadillac XT4 Sport! Yes! For every $1,000 donation you have made/will make, your name will be added to the drawing no limit on entries! Once we reach $1M in total alumni donations, Tom will draw the DRIVE WINNER!

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June 26, 2023
Saint Cecilia Renovation Update!
During the week of June 12, two more air handling units were installed over the link and science classroom/lab.
Removal of concrete of the closed portion of Kansas Avenue on the east side of the school began June 16. The sidewalk on the north side of the middle school has also been removed. Prep work for the new pour will begin soon.
On June 19, the St. Cecilia marquee sign was temporarily removed. It will be reinstalled once construction in the area is finished.
Carpet installation in the south wing continues. The south wing will be open for move-in starting approximately August 1.
Demo of the north wing also continued during the week of June 19 with the removal of the wall between the Teacher's Workroom and Ag/Science classroom on first floor. Fixtures and divider walls were removed in the first floor girls restroom. New window installation in the north wing has also begun.
On Friday, June 23, cabinetry for the south wing was delivered. It is being stored in the gym hallway and music room until it can be moved into classrooms later this summer.
If you would like to support the Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time renovation and teacher pay campaign, please visit www.HastingsCatholicSchools.org/ourfuture. Can you help us reach our goal before December 31? We're at 75% of our fundraising goal.
Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support of this project!

Hastings Catholic Schools

2022-23 classes concluded on Friday, May 12 at 3:30PM and renovation work began just shortly after! John Reining and a crew of volunteers from Sacred Heart Church in Lawrence removed and hauled over 500 ceiling tiles out of the Middle School on Friday and Saturday. A huge thank you to John and Matt Fehringer for volunteering their time and talents to help prepare the Middle School for renovation.
Today, the HCS team, construction crews, Matt and John are busy removing ceiling grids, projectors and light fixtures. Work in the Middle Schools is scheduled to be completed by the first week in August. Both the Middle School and south wing will be ready for move-in prior to in-service days starting on August 10. Classes will be held in both areas starting August 16, the first day of school. Thank you to Fr. Rowan for his work with construction crews, faculty and staff in mapping out classrooms, timelines and detailed plans!
March 29, 2023
Lots of progress is being made on the renovation at St. Cecilia! Last week, the majority of the wall tile was set in the first floor restrooms. Tile work continues on the second level. Concrete was poured on the second level addition. This area includes the new science room, prep room and second level walkway between the two wings. The science area flooring will be polished concrete while the walkway will be finished with a linoleum tile.
Make your contribution to the renovation and teacher pay campaign today by visiting www.HastingsCatholicSchools.org/donate.

Hastings Catholic Schools

January 11, 2023
On Tuesday, January 10, the main, east side window wall/entrance was removed. A door was cut into the drywall firewall. Removal of the east end staircase in the north wing continues. Next week, steel and decking work on the new addition will continue. Window frames will be installed in the south wing.
We're at $9.5M of our $12M goal for this campaign! Would you like to make a contribution to this project? Checks may be mailed to HCS Nevrivy Center at 604 N. Saint Joseph Ave., Hastings, NE 68901. To make a contribution online please visit www.HastingsCatholicSchools.org/donate - select Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time School Campaign under designation
Saint Cecilia Renovation Update!
The east staircase in the north wing of the school has been removed. This portion of the north wing has been closed off since before school began. Construction crews are preparing to remove the front wall outside of the old school office in order to continue with the new east side addition. The boilers in the basement will be removed and replaced with central heating and air in each room. Next week, decking and joist installation will begin on the new addition. The roof on the south wing and stair tower will also be completed next week.
We're at $9.5M of our $12M goal for this campaign! Would you like to make a contribution to this project? Checks may be mailed to HCS Nevrivy Center at 604 N. Saint Joseph Ave., Hastings, NE 68901. To make a contribution online please visit www.HastingsCatholicSchools.org/donate - select Our Faith, Our Future, Our Time School Campaign under designation.

Hastings Catholic Schools

December 12, 2022
Steel for the new addition on the east side of the high school has arrived and is being set!
$9.45M of the $12M goal has been raised! Would you like to support this project? Visit www.HastingsCatholicSchools.org/donate to contribute online today.

October 22, 2022

Saint Cecilia Renovation Update:
Thank you to those who joined us for the noon
Renovation Update and Tour! A second session will be
held today (Wednesday) at 5:00PM at the Nevrivy
Center. We hope you are able to join us!

So far this week, the foundation for the 2-story corridor
(Hawk Walk) has been poured. Interior supports are
being installed in the classrooms below the windows.
Footings for the walls in the first floor bathroom have
been installed. Duct work continues. Plumbing for the
fire suppression/sprinkler system is progressing. The
floor of the stair tower has been poured. The elevator
pit and stem walls of the stair tower are slated to be
completed this week.

Come see for yourself tonight at 5:00PM! Light
refreshments will be provided.

Would you like to make a contribution? Visit
www.HastingsCatholicSchools.org/ourfuture to donate
online today.


Work continues on the stair tower addition including the set up and pouring of stem walls. The first floor handicap accessible girls and boys restrooms concrete floor has been poured. Footings for the addition on the east side (new main entrance, chapel, etc.) have been poured. The pit for the elevator tower has been dug. The elevator will be located on the east side of the building in the new addition, next to the 2-story chapel.
Join us on Wednesday, October 26 for a School & Renovation Update at 12:00PM (lunch provided) or at 5:00PM at the Nevrivy Center. Planning to attend the 12:00PM Update? Let us know for food count purposes by calling 402-462-6566 or by emailing danielle-wagoner@cdolinc.net.
Lots of progress was made this past week! Half of the footings for new addition were poured. The column pad in the boiler room was completed and the north tunnel access concrete was poured. The block walls are started on the west side of the south wing preparing for the stair tower build. Fire sprinkler lines are going in and most of the lighting conduit is ran in the building.
This week the crew plans to pour the back floor in the south wing and the remaining addition footings.

Hastings Catholic Schools

Work on the south wing continues!
The built-in display case outside of Ms. Jelden's previous, first floor classroom has been removed. The wall that divided Ms. Jelden's classroom from the restroom on first floor has also been removed. This space will become the new Ag, Career and Tech Education classroom.
The old campus ministry office doorway has been widened and will become the entrance to the new first floor restroom. The wall between the old campus ministry office/restroom and first floor restroom has also been removed and will become the new boys and girls restrooms.
The window wall that separated Mr. Berndt's old computer classroom(s)/Mr. Zach's classroom will be removed. A new wall will be constructed allowing space for storage on the east side and a new classroom on the west side.
Where the current, glass block window is located, at the west end of the first floor hallway, a doorway will be built to access the new stair tower. The second floor glass block window has been removed. Footings for the tower are scheduled to be poured this week.
The lockers on the second floor have been removed and are being temporarily stored in the old Ag Ed (The Barn) classroom.
The dark room has been removed from the southeast second floor classroom.
Check out the floor plans at www.HastingsCatholicSchools.org/ourfuture
Renovation of the south wing continues! The building pad for the stair tower on the west end of the south wing is being prepared. Demolition and under grade plumbing of the south wing is also happening this week.
Can you help us reach our campaign goal? Gifts of any size make a difference! Give online today at www.HastingsCatholicSchools.org/ourfuture.
Restroom renovations in the south wing began last week. Walls have been removed where the Campus Ministry Office, storage closet and girls restroom once were to make room for the new handicap accessible restroom on the first floor. Demolition of the second floor in the south wing has also begun. Removal of the Hawk Walk (link) is scheduled for later this week.
Haven't taken the virtual tour? Check it out now! www.HastingsCatholicSchools.org/ourfuture
Renovation project progress continues!
Today West 6th Street between St. Joseph Avenue and Kansas Avenue became a one-way street! The new parking lot driveways are open on Colorado Avenue. Starting the week of August 15, please use 6th Street and Kansas Avenue to drop students off. Please use the north driveway from Colorado Avenue to enter the parking lot and the south driveway onto Colorado Avenue to exit the parking lot. The parking lot will not be accessible from Kansas Avenue after August 16th.
The removal of the link (Hawk Walk) between the north and south wings started today. Demolition of the link is scheduled to be finished before school starts.
Work on the parking lot has begun. Concrete crews are currently widening the entrances/exits on the east side off N. Colorado Ave.
A temporary hallway with a ramp doorway to the courtyard, has been constructed in the teacher workroom. Student safety throughout this project is a priority. These passageways will allow students to enter and exit the building away from construction zones.
The walls on the first and second floors which will separate the main east entrance from construction areas is now up.
The finishing touches have been put on the chapel and it is now ready for students.
The new temporary chapel is being set up in Mrs. Selvage's old office. The front office is now a conference and workspace for Campus Ministry, Nurse Greenwalt and learning services.
Lots of progress made today! The start to the diagonal wall just outside of the office is up. This wall will separate the construction zone from the north wing and still allow the office area to be used throughout construction.
The chapel has been painted, carpeted (a huge thank you to John Reining!) and desks moved in by our dedicated facilities crew, Dan and Scott.
The walls to the temporary hallway through the library are coming along. Workers are hanging drywall and insulating.
A wall is being constructed on the east side of the east library entrance to allow use of the north wing as the renovation and addition of the new entrance is being completed.
Finally, first thing this morning, Hastings Utilities began work to remove the power lines that run east and west over the school. These lines will be taken down and ran underground to allow for the two-story expansion of the school.
For more information please visit www.HastingsCatholicSchools.org/ourfuture.
Derek Vargas, Fr. Rowan and Fr. Oldham were busy today painting the chapel and front office areas. The chapel will be used as a classroom during construction with Fr. Rowan's office being turned into a temporary chapel.
Asbestos abatement of the south wing is complete and has begun in the north wing on the first floor from the main east entrance to the middle school doors. The second floor does not contain materials with asbestos.
The west gym walls have been painted white and are ready for some new BLUEHAWK blue!
The DLR Group and BD Construction met with the HCS team yesterday. They checked in on progress and are planning next steps to keep the project moving.


Asbestos abatement of the south wing continues and is tracking ahead of schedule. Next, asbestos will be removed from the hallway running east and west off the main entrance in the north wing. In preparation, the St. Cecilia school office has moved to the middle school conference room. Fr. Rowan's office is now located in Sr. Xavier's campus ministry office. For the time being, the main/east entrance and regular school office is closed. In the meantime, please use the middle school entrance on the north side of the building to check in to the temporary office and access the school.
The wall between the hallway and the principal's office has been removed. This space will be used as a temporary classroom and, ultimately, will be the location of the new teacher's workroom and lounge.
A temporary wall has been put up in the library to create temporary classrooms. The library has been moved to the east room.
The west gym has been prepped for painting which will begin soon.
Up next: Removal of the music room collapsible wall which will be replaced with double glass doors.




On Tuesday, May 3, HCS broke ground for the renovation at Saint Cecilia High School. It was a momentous day with presentations that spoke to the long-standing history and tradition of our Catholic community, our schools and our bright future. We are proud of where we have been, where we will go and, more importantly, proud to be a part of this awesome Catholic community.

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On Monday, May 9, STC students, faculty and staff cleared the south wing of the school for renovations to begin on May 10. This was a historic day with the official closing of Kansas Avenue between 5th and 6th Streets. Students celebrated with root beer floats, a special picnic lunch and a street dance! What an awesome display of family. #BEONE | FAMILY

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The OUR FAITH, OUR FUTURE, OUR TIME School Campaign is being conducted to raise funds for teacher compensation and a full remodel, including a new addition of Saint Cecilia High School. A portion of the funds will go to Saint Michael Elementary, Saint Michael Parish and Saint Cecilia Parish. The School Campaign is a five-year program. We are asking that donors make a pledge toward this goal and pay the pledge over the course of the five (5) year campaign weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Making pledges instead of one time gifts will lead to success in raising enough money. Only in this way will we be able to raise the funds necessary for our new facilities.

The Unity Board and administration have listened to the school community's priority of preferences and are working with architects and construction managers to develop a comprehensive, conservative plan. The Boards focus is to ensure fiscal responsibility while developing a plan that includes necessary improvements.

Preparation for this campaign began in 2008. Many volunteers have worked to make this campaign a reality over the last decade. This project promotes OUR FAITH, is OUR FUTURE and is, without a doubt, OUR TIME.


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