Fr. Zimmer

NOTE to SENIORS - Please submit your research papers to Fr. Zimmer ASAP. Those who do not submit their completed project will fail.


Fr. Zimmer Week 2

Theology IV

Senior Research Project:

Seniors have already received their assigned topic for their debate. They will write a research paper that will present both sides of the argument for the assigned topic. The paper should follow this structure:

  • Intro Paragraph
    • Intro the topic
  • Position 1
    • 3 main arguments used that are in favor of the particular topic
    • Each argument must have at least 1 citation
  • Position 2
    • 3 main arguments used that are against the particular topic
    • Each argument must have at least 1 citation
  • Section
    • This section must present the individuals position that they take on the topic. It must include why they take that particular position by explaining the weaknesses of the opposite position and the strengths of the arguments for their position.
  • Conclusion
    • Summary of arguments of topics and recap of their position.


Grading: I will be grading both on substance, clarity of thought, and concise argumentation. This paper MUST NOT BE more than 4 pages long. Anything longer will be docked 10 points per page. This exercise is not only meant to research a topic, but to work on being able to express positions in a clear and concise manner. It is better to say a little that is very good than to say a lot that is mere rambling.

Due April 1 by 4:00PM. Email Fr. Zimmer a copy.


Other assignments: Every Thursday by end of the day, students need to continue the custom we had of writing 1 page homily over the readings for the next weekend.