Q & A Page



Q: PowerSchool Learning isn't working! What's going on?

A:As PowerSchool Learning is seeing a large increase of traffic, the software may be running slower than usual. It is recommended to log in through the website rather than the app at this time. If you continue to experience difficulties, work offline for a while and return to the website at a later time.

We are currently working on transferring all homework assignments and instruction to the Assignment Portal on this website. You may visit the Assignment Portal via the Parent Resource Page.


Q: How will tuition be handled during shutdown?

A: Since our teachers will be continuing to teach and work with the education process on-line via PowerSchool and other means, the learning will continue, just not in the building. Tuition will need to continue to be paid, and additionally, we will need those funds to keep paying our teachers.


Q: What about turning in paper homework? Isn't COVID-19 transmitted on surfaces?

A: According to Michele Bever, Director of South Heartland District Health Dept., we should not be concerned about transmission of the virus through paper assignments. Below are some links that Dr. Bever has shared with us for more information.